Jack A. Evert

Workshops, Inservices and Presentations

A metaphor is, when seen from the Greek perspective of a "transfer", more than a literary term, rather it is what emerges from certain types of creative experiences which have inherent wisdom and speak to us a word or give a perspective..

Three Types of Workshops - done with various ages and in clinical and community contexts.
1.Experience the creative process.
         1.5 -3 hour sections
          4- 8 hours.
3. Adult Education or Clinical Didactic.
          1- 3 hours


Thank-you for taking the time to craft an in-service for our staff.  It was fresh, effective and helped staff to look at life a little differently. And we had a great time too! I am very grateful we have you here, even if it's but for a short while.  You have already made a difference.


VP of Oncology, Providence Hospital, Everett, WA.

Note recieved after an in service for an Outpatient Cancer program which was challenged by individuals impacted by chronic alcoholism and Mental Illness coming for cancer treatment.









"Even the tableware impresses, from the sculptural Myco stainless steel flatware to the plainspokenly chic stoneware, some cannily imported from San Francisco’s Heath Ceramics, others created by Twin Cities potters Jack Evert and Alex Chinn." Mpls. Tribune 4* Review of Heyday Resturant which since the opening, have use these dishes.



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Starting Over”

A Perspective from an Adolescent


Perspective Gained